I work with social enterprises, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs to help them create the future they want for themselves and their business.

I’m not your traditional business consultant or marketing specialist. I’m not interested in a slick image and selling things that aren’t there and I don’t want to make you and your business in to something you aren’t.

What I am interested in is being authentic and recognising what’s really going on for you. Finding out about your priorities, values and ambitions. And then working with you to create the future you want for yourself, your team, your community and your business.

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”

1-1 Coaching and Support

It can be lonely at the top and I know that when you’re a business leader or a solo entrepreneur it can be hard to find someone to work through development ideas and challenges with.

Whether you need a one off conversation, short term targeted help or longer term support – I will bring my experience to be a listening ear and critical friend for you. Helping you work through whatever has you stuck and freeing you up to take the next step forward for you and your business.

I also offer Action Learning Sets for teams who want to learn to be better listeners that can support each other to become confident problem solvers.

“Getting unstuck is a matter of choice. If you want to flourish in life make a choice today to move into that reality. You can do it.” – Sereda Aleta Dailey


Communications Consultancy and Management

Social media, press releases and general communications can be daunting and time consuming for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. But talking to your customers, demonstrating your impact and making those connections are essential elements to running a successful business.

I can support you to assess your communication needs, develop an achievable plan, learn the skills you need and help your business connect with it’s audience.

“Communication – The human connection – is the key to personal and career success” – Paul J Meyer

Training, Facilitation and Events

I offer group and 1-1 training sessions in a variety of forms focussing on identifying your key marketable impacts, getting to know your audiences and how we use communication channels to make the most of business offer. Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs so if you’re running a staff training session, community event or wider learning programme please get in touch to see how I can help add value to your proposition.

I am also available to facilitate community consultations, governance development, Action Groups, networking meetings and to speak on the value of social enterprise and the social economy.

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” – Oprah Winfrey

Let’s Have a Conversation
Say Hello!

I always say there are no stupid questions, so there’s no harm in asking. Tell me what your dealing with right now and let’s see if I can help!

happy customers

SSE Dartington

what people are saying

“Jess is amazing! She’s great at getting people organised, finding the gaps in a plan and getting them filled, and helping people to realise their own strengths and how to develop them further. She’s firm without being bossy, funny without being unprofessional and has a genuine desire to help others be the best they can be.”

– Louise

“Jess is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to coaching and has an uncanny way of capturing the voice of an organisation to appeal to its core supporters. I have been very impressed with everything Jess has worked on and would absolutely recommend her to anyone”

– Rob

“We regularly are complimented on the quality of the relationships Jess builds on our behalf and on the comms that she produces. Alongside, she is friendly, fun, good-natured and a pleasure to be around. If you get the chance to have her work with you, snap her up!”

– Annette

It is a pleasure to work with Jess – she is organised and action-focused and always strives to get the best out any groups she is involved with.

– Sophie

Jess brings her dynamism, detailed knowledge of the social enterprise sector, extensive networks and general likability to everything that she does.

– Michelle

The course was absolutely superb, brilliantly balanced and well considered in it’s delivery. Jess was also incredibly proactive and supportive, enabling me to feel armed to develop my work and network beyond the course.

– Holly